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EB-1  approval in 2 months

I am writing this testimonial for the excellent serviced rendered to us by your law firm. We applied for the USEB-1 permanent residency program through your law firm in late July 2011, and our I-140 was approved in Sep. 2011. The speedy approval, which is record by itself, is entirely due to Sreepadraj's meticulous and diligent preparation ofour application and supporting documents, as well as his expertise in US immigration law. We are greatly obliged with the firms efforts and professionalism.

I unequivocally recommend The Law Offices of Sreepadraj Venkatrao, P.C, for all US immigration related cases. They are the best! We did enquire on other law firms in New York, NY, and several others peppered all along the US east coast but decided on your firm due to positive reviews received by us. We indeed found your firms service truly exceptional, five stars all the way!

Please feel free to distribute this testimonial to your other clients so that they may very well know the true diamond from the rest!

_ _ _ Rakesh Shetty

Green Card for Family

I took services of Sri Sreepadraj Venkatarao for adjustment of status from a non-imigrant visa to immigrant visa. I had spoken to Sreepad on various immigration matters before I hired him for adjustment of status. His professionalism was the key for me to take up his services. His knowledge of law especially with immigration matters is very good. He explained each and very aspect of the application form before being submitted to USCIS. His advice on various immigration matters which came along during the application process was very helpful. He was courteous and answered  each and every question with a lot of patience. His answers were very detailed and kept simple such that even a layman like me would understand law.

His fee structure was reasonable and provided flexibility with payment of fee. Overall I'm very satisfied with the services of Sreepadraj and would definitely use his services again. I would also never hesitate to recommend him to others. I wish him all the very best in his future endeavor.


H1-B Appoved in 2 Days

I had a chance to work with Mr. Venkatrao regarding an H1-Bpetition recently. We were hiring a new employee who needed an H1-B visa transferred to our company. The Law offices of Sreepadraj Venkatrao, came highly recommended by a few of their clients. Although we are on the west coast, the whole process went very smoothly. I found his services to be very professional and courteous. He was prompt in returning phone calls and emails and answered all of my questions and concerns. He spent time going through all documents and provided guidance and step by step instructions throughout the process.

The whole process from start to finish was a seamless operation. He filed the petition on 8/1/2012 and got the approval on 8/3/2012.The speedy approval was due to his attention to detail and supporting documents. His fees are very reasonable and I would highly recommend this law firm.

Yasminah Mohammad

Anaheim, CA

Citizenship case won after initial denial based on applicant's multiple and extended travel out of country 

Mr. Venkatarao provided personalized services for our complicated naturalization application (N400, interview, then an appeal followed by N336 Hearing and successfully defended my father's case. He is very professional and responds in a timely manner. He has great knowledge of the law and its application in the right spirit and he is very easy to reach. He is extremely courteous. I trust his ability to handle complex immigration cases and would hire him again for future services.

_ _ _ Ramana Reddy

Successful representation for a small and niche electronics company

As a owner of the organization, its my responsibility to make sure my employees get what they need in terms legal status to work keeping in mind company follow the latest immigration laws and adhere to the same in this matter.

In Immigration matters, as there is money and families involved, there can be no substitute for excellence. Law Offices of Sreepadraj which represented my business, Hetrogenous Inc. made sure it satisfied the needs of both employer and employee keeping in mind that we follow latest immigration rules and regulations. The law office was very patient to hear each case very patiently provided best, suitable, appropriate responses.
Very professional and courteous in discussions, I felt very comfortable as the law office had a very good knowledge of the law, they were very proactive and kept me and my employees informed in every step of the process.

The fees structure for the amount of service I received was extremely reasonable. I for sure will go back to the law office of Sreepadraj and recommend anyone who needs the services as an employee or employer to be represented in immigration matters.

_ _ _ Milind Khare

The Clincher

The Law Offices of Sreepadraj have been quite professional and at the same time courteous, very reachable during the phase of two immigration related cases I had entrusted them with.

Both cases were successful the first time, and a positive experience. No client is too small or too big for Law Offices of Sreepadraj - all are treated with courtesy, equally well.

For most folks, legal processes can be intimidating, and the Law Offices of Sreepadraj kept all things simple and straight-forward. They did all the paperwork, form-filling etc based on information that was asked of me in a precise manner. Apart from the success aspect, it was the approach and consistent follow-up from them that caught my eye. At no point were the matters left lying down or idle, even during tricky periods in the cases. For instance, I was on travel and not available in US when the processing had to be initiated for one of the cases. For the already initiated case as well, my travel complicated the follow-up and in spite of all the odds, I could always get connected to the attorney, by phone, by e-mail. And the e-mails were knowledgeable, very clear at all times, and with a clarification just another e-mail away when needed. As a client, I was informed at every step of the process and my personal emergency situations that needed urgent attention were taken care of. What was a clincher for me was the fee structure. For the sake of my convenience, even though I had sent in the attorney fee check in advance, at all times, no check was encashed before the requisite task was done/initiated - this was another example of professionalism.

Will come back in future if I needed help in immigration matters (I know I will)?

Certainly, yes. I'd recommend the Law Offices of Sreepadraj for all immigration matters and legal activities where attorney services are essential.


President, Soft Span, Inc.

New Jersey, US.

Green Cards for Parents without Interview

I became a US citizen and was eligible to sponsor Greencard for my parents. While parents were on a visit to US, I applied for Greencard for both my parents through Attorney Sreepadraj Venkatarao. Our application was one of the challenging cases since we did not have many of the original documents such as birth and marriage certificates. Also, the case was complex because there were several inconsistencies with names and dates between the different documents.

Sreepad was extremely professional in handling this complex case. He was thorough in his review of all documents and asked the appropriate questions to make sure that he is informed about all of the issues. In my assessment, he has deep knowledge of the US immigration law, and knows where to find the information to be able to guide the clients through the process. As one would expect, my parent's case did have multiple Request For Evidence (RFE) notifications from the USCIS. Depending on the situation we were in, he gave the best possible advise to resolve all issues. He was keeping me informed about the progress, following up with me on issues as appropriate and responding to issues within a reasonable time. My entire family was quite happy when we finally received the Greencard for both my parents without the need for either of them to attend the interview.

The attorney fee and payment schedule was very reasonable. I am happy to go back any time to Sreepad for any immigration related questions. I will not hesitate to recommend him to my friends and relatives.

Stress Free Process

I recently used The Law Offices of Sreepadraj Venkatarao to apply and secure my third H1-B extension (Sreepad helped me with my second extension as well). Sreepad is a thorough professional, with avid knowledge of immigration laws, and has all the skills required to provide favorable results each time, every time. He is a hands-on kind of a lawyer, who is always available to answer my never-ending questions. He made this whole process completely stress-free and easy.  I am very pleased with his services, and highly recommend him to anyone seeking a good, intuitive and courteous immigration lawyer.


-Sudipto Ghosh

Recommendation from NAVIKA World Kannada Conference for Excellent Strategy, Dedication, Responsiveness

I want to commend you on the excellent legal services you provided in connection with bringing in artists/performers from Karnataka for our first NAVIKA world Kannada Conference 2010. You have all the attributes I expect in a good law firm: knowledge and seasoned experience, professionalism, integrity, strategic thinking, enthusiasm, and responsiveness."

"You were as experienced and knowledgeable and provided service at a level of a big national level Law Firm. (That too free of charges for non-profit Organization). Through no fault of yours, when we caused the timing to slip,you handled this expertly and got the process back on track.

"On a more personal note, I very much enjoyed working with you on this deal. Your dedication, concern and interest in the deal and in me as a client were very much appreciated. In summary, you have earned my most enthusiastic recommendation."

Vallsha MV Shastry

Vice President, NAVIKA


Letter from a pro bono client in R-1 matter

The purpose of this letter is to recognize the excellent professional service provided by Mr. Sreepadraj Venkatarao (hereafter referred to as Sreepadraj), and wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone looking for a superior immigration attorney in the tri-state area.

I am the President of The Hindu Temple of Lehigh Valley, an organization that serves over 1,400 families in theregion. Two years ago, our temple hired a highly qualified priest from India, and was in need of an immigration attorney to help us with the R-1 Religious Visa application process. Since, I had already heard a great deal favorably about Sreepadraj, I immediately contacted him for his assistance. 

Within hours, Sreepadraj sent me a detailed email outlining the entire visa application process in simple terms, gave me a list of documents that must be arranged, and other formalities needed to be completed so that he can start the process right away. Since this was my very first experience of applying for the R-1 Visa, I had many doubts and needed constant guidance throughout the process so that the application is successful. Though I know very well that Sreepadraj is extremely busy, he never hesitated to help me when needed. Not only he took the time to reply, his responses were timely and supportive.

After submitting the application, Sreepadraj kept us fully informed about what was happening to our application such as when it was approved, when to go for visa interview, how to prepare for the visit etc. The whole process was so carefully planned that our new priest arrived here in within a year, which was not a surprise to us because Sreepadraj already gave us a time line of when the priest is likely to join the temple. Even after the priests arrival, Sreepadraj kept reminding us about the need to comply with the immigration law by following proper procedures such as arranging priests health insurance, proper processing of his compensation documents etc. Sreepadraj was a very knowledgeable immigration attorney; however, he never hesitated to tell me if he needs to do further research before answering my specific queries, which assured me that he is a thorough professional.

In terms of his personal qualities, Sreepadraj is highly reliable, very sincere and enthusiastic throughout the process. His communication is always timely, clear and specific. He is very courteous and patient even when I asked the same question more than once or asked questions that might seem silly. Another quality I admire about Sreepadraj is that he constantly sends emails about recent changes in the immigration policy and how it affects the application process. He takes personal interest to make sure that the application is successful.

Finally, it is worth pointing out that Sreepadraj provided all this excellent service for FREE, as a service to the Lehigh Valley community. When I sought his help, I expected a topnotch service, but I can say without any reservation that Sreepadraj exceeded my expectations.

Based on what I have heard and personally learned about Sreepadraj, I can assure you that he will provide the same level of superior service to anyone seeking his help. If I ever need immigration service or any of my friends or relatives seek an immigration attorney, I will refer to Sreepadraj without any hesitation. I accord my highest possible recommendation to Mr. Sreepadraj Venkatarao and wish him the very best.

_ _ _ Pattabi Neelakantan

EXCELLENT ATTORNEY! Highly Recommend Sreepadraj

I hired Sreepadraj to assist me with my spouse's Change of Status / Visa application process and from the very beginning, he was incredible & very courteous. He was very prompt in returning of phone calls/ emails. His communication, consultation & explanation were really great and never felt that he was in a hurry and always made sure that he gives his best expertise which helped my case to succeed without any issues. I highly recommend him for any of the immigration matters that one might have.


Attorney Sreepad: Extremely Professional, Courteous,Transparent, Reasonable Fees

Sreepad is extremelyprofessional and is the expert in his area of work. I had a consultativesession with him for my H1B & greencard related questions and then followedit with the filing of H4-EAD for my wife. He answers all the questionsdiligently & makes sure we understand the process. If he needs to reviewthe documentation and then answer our questions, he promptly does his homeworkand then responds back before the promised date with his analysis & answer.He is extremely professional. If you go with Sreepad for your immigrationrelated needs, you will not be disappointed. He is courteous, transparent andfees are reasonable. I would definitely recommend SRNLAW firm to my family andfriends. 


information provided here is of general nature and should not be constructed as legal advice.matters in personal historyor a perticular situation may affect eligibility to recive immigration benfits in a perticular situation.Information is updated peroidically and may not be current at all time.